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Pregnancy period

Reasons Why Some Men Have A Small Private Organ

Micropenis is described as an extremely little private organ and a rare medical issue in an article published by MedicalNewsToday. Hormonal or genetic abnormalities are common triggers. A study found that the typical length of a man's private organ when erect is 5.21 inches, whereas a micropenis is defined as measuring 3.66 inches or less.

Motives for a Little Male private Organ

Some of the reasons why a man could have a little penis are as follows.

First, A lack of testosterone during pregnancy has been linked to the delivery of a child with a diminished genitalia. If the male fetus doesn't release enough testosterone throughout pregnancy, or if the pregnant woman doesn't create enough human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, the baby will be born with low testosterone levels. In utero, this hormone promotes healthier testosterone growth.

Second, A lack of growth hormone in infancy may cause the development of a minor private organ.

Third, a child with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism may develop an abnormally tiny genitalia.

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