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Things Mothers Should Take Note About Their Children At Tender Age

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Being married and advancing into parenthood comes with a lot of responsibilities. Both the man and the woman has a lot of responsibilities to handle, however caring for the children basically falls on the shoulder of the mother, especially if she is a full housewife.

While the man go out to source for fund for the family upkeep, there are certain things a mother ought to take note of about her child / children.

Firstly, a mother should constantly keep an eye on the child's movement. At ages below 5, children tend to play with anything they come across, unknowing to them that some of these things are dangerous and could cause them harm.

When a mother is constantly checking up on such a child, she will be able to keep the child away from danger.

Secondly, a mother should take note of little changes in the look and body of the child. Sometimes, children can not explain exactly how they feel. Other times, they might want to hide certain things from their mother because of the fear that they might be treated with injection or other related pain reliever drugs.

A cautious mother will notice these little changes and find solutions to it, before it aggravates into something more dangerous and uneasy to cure.

Thirdly, a mother should take note of her child's attitude towards other children.

Bullying does not start suddenly when one has grown. These things develop from tender age. If you see that your child snatch things that doesn't belong to him or beat up another child to collect their things. This attitude should be checked before it becomes a part of such a child.

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