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5 Things You Do That Corrupt Your Children

Parenting is a very delicate task that demands diligence and proper scrutiny to be able to bring out the best version of a child. There is no greater art in life than the art of successful parenting. The task of parenting is beyond providing the basic needs of life for a child. It also requires vehement nurture of the morals of children which is the most important phase of a child's upbringing.

The role of parents in the education of a child is far beyond any effort that could be made by a class room teacher. The training given by a class room teacher is peripheral since it's limited to the acquisition of knowledge in the mind from different subjects in the academic curriculum. However, the training acquired from home by parents is the most important education of a child since it entails the moral development of a child. "To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to the society"_ Theodore Roosevelt.

Since parenting is the grass root in the moral development of a child, the primary duty of parents aside provision of the basic needs of children is to inculcate the right morals in the life of the children. An easy way for parents to achieve that is to be cautious of their words and actions whenever the children are around them. Since parents are the first role models of their children, every child believes that all the words and actions of their parents are right whether they are good or bad. Since this truth cannot be disputed, parents ought to be careful in their deeds whenever their children are around them.

Unfortunately, many parents are ignorant of this fact and have engaged in activities they could have avoided in the presence of children that have corrupted their minds and morals. This content is an exposition to 5 things parents ignorantly do that corrupt the mind and morals of children.

1. Most parents engage in some sort of sexual activities in the presence of their children. No matter the extent of love spouses have for each other, any form of sexual activities should be practiced in the bedroom and shouldn't be where the children are. Children are born with the trait of curiosity. They always love to experiment everything they see. The shocking part is that they would practice theirs in secret when no one is watching. Sometimes, depending on the age, their instinct as humans could tell them that such action is wrong but their curiosity as would spur them to experiment to know what could be the outcome.

2. Some couples go to the extent of fighting, quarreling and using profane languages on each other in the presence of their children. If the children are not properly guided after watching such drama by their parents, it could create a stigma and compel them to unreasonably extend the hurt to their peers, especially the opposite sex.

3. It is wrong for couples to watch movies strictly meant for adults in presence of children. Actually, it's not a wrong thing for couples to watch movies that could trigger their sexual fantasies. But such movies ought to be watched when children have gone to their rooms to play games or sleep.

4. The habit of speaking derogatory of other people in presence of your children should be stopped. That is an easy way to imbibe the culture of disrespect towards others in children. Since parents are the heroes and heroines of their kids, a child subconsciously begins to develop aversion for whoever the parents have vilified in their knowledge.

5. The habit of carousing and dissipation in the presence of children should be avoided. Some men engage in the habit of excessive smoking and alcoholism that leads to drunkenness in the presence of kids, unknown to them that they are putting the future of those kids at risk. When a child continuously sees his father smoking and drinking, it creates a mental picture in him that could lead him into several other forms of addiction in his growing stages of life.

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