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The Importance Of Child Proofing Your Home

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Few things are more thrilling than witnessing your beautiful bundle of joy push himself off his knees and onto two feet, only to learn that those two feet can take him anywhere. However, now that he's progressed from crawling to walking, the kid safety risks are increasing, and your childproofing efforts will have to scale new heights.

You can't just pack up your toilets or remove your stairway. That's why you should start proofing your home right away before your toddler's newfound mobility and skills get him into mischief.

How to reduce your child's odd of bumps and bruises

1 Hazardous substance

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It's no longer safe to keep dangerous items or pills on high shelves especially if your child has monkey-like climbing skills. So, while childproofing your home, keep these and other household items secured away from curious tiny hands.

2 Windows

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Install metal window guards that screw into the sides of the window frame and have bars no more than four inches apart to prevent your child from falling out the window. If you have blinds, it's critical to keep the cord out of reach from your child because it can be used as a strangulation device.

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3 Stairs and entrances are two of the most common obstacles in a home. Install solid hardware-mounted safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to keep your child away from the stairways. You can also help your child practice stair-climbing skills.

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