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5 Signs That Show Your Child Is Intelligent

Every parent's dream is to have intelligent children. Intelligent children are not only loved by their parents, but they are also loved by society, and they have a good chance of succeeding in whatever they do. However, intelligence does not necessarily reveal itself in childhood; I have known people who were less intelligent as children who went on to become geniuses as adults. I'll show you five subtle clues that your child is intelligent in this article.

1. He/she asks too many questions.

When a child asks a question, most parents make the mistake of criticizing him or her, but this isn't necessary. Children who ask a lot of questions are naturally curious, and they learn quickly when their questions are answered. No matter how annoying your child's question is, always give it your undivided attention and, if possible, an answer because it shows that your kid is intelligent.

2. He or she enjoys reading.

Intelligent children know when to play and when to read with their books. Most children do not take their books seriously, but if your child is a bookworm, it is a definite sign of intellect. Reading not only provides children with information that their peers may not have, but it also improves their memory and IQ.

3. He/she takes correction.

If you see that your child corrects himself or herself whenever he or she makes a mistake, this is a strong indicator that your child is intelligent.

4. He/she can be stubborn at times.

Stubbornness is a common trait among children. Parents should always try to figure out why their children act the way they do, as stubbornness can be a sign of intellect in some cases.

5. He/she doesn't talk too much.

Children have a strong need to communicate verbally. This may appear to be a unique trait, but it isn't. Children who are shy and quiet tend to be smarter than those who are more talkative. Although this isn't always the case, clever people are usually reserved and silent.

Every child is intelligent in his or her own manner; the signs listed above are merely my personal opinion.

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