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Various factors that could increase the risk of your baby dying

There are times a baby just dies suddenly and that could be known as sudden infant death syndrome, SIDS. A verified health site, Mayo Clinic shared the different factors that causes this to happen.

Below are the factors.

1.A baby born into a family were there is Sudden infant death will have an higher risk of dying.

2. When the baby sleeps on the same bed with their parents, suffocation may occur due to poor airflow and that could cause death of the child.

3. Parents sleeping with weapon while sleeping may cause death to babies as they don't know how to handle these things.

4. When a female gives birth at a very young to a baby, below the age of 20, the baby could have higher risk of dying suddenly

5. When you allow your baby to sleep in a very tight and compacted room, it could cause overheating which may make the baby die suddenly.

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Mayo Clinic SIDS


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