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Pregnancy period

Dear Men, Please Don't Allow Your Wife To Eat These 8 Things When She Is Pregnant, It Is Dangerous.

Pregnancy is a very huge and important stage in every couple's life and it is one of the greatest gifts given to women. The fact that a new born baby is on the way can actually mean a lot to a man and his wife who is the expectant mother. After all, children are a gift from God and every married couple would love the idea of children running around their apartments and playing happily. That's why a lady and her husband should try as much as possible to protect the unborn child in her womb from bad circumstances that could hurt it.

These days, a lot of women suffer from miscarriage and other things, that could lead to the loss of the unborn child in her womb and sometimes even the loss of the lady's life. The truth is that, a pregnant woman's diet is usually one of the major causes of miscarriages. There are some certain types of food which a pregnant woman should always try as much as possible to avoid like a plague especially if she doesn't want to endanger herself and the baby.

A good man and husband should always make sure that his pregnant wife, eats the right food and goes through a proper diet in order for her not to encounter any difficulty while giving birth. During pregnancy, the eating habits of a woman needs to change for the better.

In this article, I'm going to be telling you guys, 8 things which a man should forbid his pregnant wife from eating, so that she and the baby would be safe and healthy, all through the pregnancy period. See them below;

1. Bony Fish.

A pregnant woman should try her very best to avoid eating fish that contains a lot of bones. So that she won't mistakenly swallow a bone that could hurt her baby.

2. Coffee.

No pregnant lady should drink a cup of coffee or even a drop. It is absolutely a no go area because of the dangerous effects it will have on the unborn child. Coffee should be avoided during pregnancy. Take note, dear husbands.

3. Alcohol and cigarettes.

This is one of the worst and most dangerous thing a pregnant lady could ever do to herself. Alcohol and smoking is extremely dangerous to a normal human being, talk more of a pregnant woman.

4. Pineapple.

Pregnant ladies are advised to stay far away from this very popular and delicious fruit known as pineapple. Why? Because pineapple is very high in sugar and sweet contents. And eating it always, during pregnancy puts the mother at risks of having diabetes.

5. Crab.

See foods such as crabs should also be on the avoid list for a pregnant woman. An expectant mother should stay away from crabs as much as possible.

6. Pizza and hot dog.

Most ladies are huge fans of pizza and sharwama which contains hot dog. But then, during pregnancy, they should avoid these foods because of their very high cholesterol level.

7. Undercooked Meat.

Eating Undercooked meat which is still a bit strong and thick to chew is highly dangerous for pregnant women too.

8. Raw eggs.

Raw eggs are totally a no go area for pregnant women due to their unhealthy nutrients which could hurt the unborn baby. Cooked eggs is much preferable.

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