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6 Little Ways to Encourage Kindness in Kids

It is on the minds of parents to teach their children how to be kind. We all want our children to show empathy and compassion for others, but we frequently don't know how to go about teaching these qualities in them. Kindness in children extends beyond respectful interactions with peers to behaviors that take into account the ideas and feelings of others in the community. Here are six simple ways we may encourage our children to be kind to one another.

1. Everywhere you go, be a role model for kindness.

This is the most crucial thing we can do to raise thoughtful children. We can't control their actions, but we can find methods to show kindness to others." Because children are eager to imitate us from an early age, you can begin modeling compassion from the time they are infants. "After all, you want your 18-month-old to emulate hugging a sad person. Your children will observe how you treat others as they grow older, from subtle interactions like putting your phone down to make eye contact and say thank you to more tangible acts of kindness like inviting a lonely person to share a holiday, bringing a meal to a sick neighbor, comforting the bereaved, and donating time and money to help those in need.

2. Teach empathy

"How do you suppose he/she feels?" is a good question to ask. or say things like "I wonder what he's thinking" when on a play date or while reading a book. Teaching our children to read facial expressions and grasp social cues is a terrific approach to encourage them to consider how others may be feeling, which is an important part of expressing empathy.

3. Smiles and kind words

It's also a good idea to teach children the importance of being sociable and saying something pleasant to others. However, a child should understand the basics of how to defend themselves from stranger and acquaintance risk, as well as what to do if they become separated from their parents. Allow your youngster to witness you telling the store checkout person to have a pleasant day, thanking a waiter for his or her service, or complimenting a neighbor on their hard work in the garden.

4. Assist others

Volunteering can refer to a variety of activities. We may provide our time, resources, and skills. Encourage your youngster to be charitable by focusing on her passions and interests. She can donate to a motherless home.

5. Praise kindness and courage

Praise your child when you see them being kind or courageous. For example, they may have told someone off for being unkind. Helping them recognise they’ve done the right thing will encourage them to continue to do this in the future.

6. Give compliments.

Random acts of kindness can be as simple as saying something nice to someone. Teach your child to make it a habit to offer compliments and praise other people’s efforts. Set a goal at the beginning of the day to give away kind words and compliments. Whether your child says, “I like your sneakers,” to another child at the playground, or they say, “Your hair looks good today,” to their sister, talk about giving compliments to people.

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