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Pregnancy period

Importance of taking thiamine during pregnancy

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Pregnant women are frequently confused about what they should consume and avoid during their pregnancy. During pregnancy, a balanced diet supplies the baby with the proper nutrition and ensures his well-being. Foods high in key vitamins and minerals should be included in your diet and ‘Thiamine,' commonly known as ‘Vitamin B1,' is one such vital vitamin.

Thiamine is a water-soluble vitamin that is needed for the development of the fetus. It's contained in many multivitamin and vitamin B complex foods.

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Importance of thiamine During Pregnancy

It's natural to have concerns about the meals you eat while you're pregnant for the first time. You might also wonder if taking vitamin B1 while pregnant is safe. Vitamin B1 is not only safe, but it is also necessary for good health because it helps your body process carbohydrates and it is essential for fetal development because it allows the placenta function effectively.

By eating a well-balanced diet, a pregnant woman can achieve her daily thiamine requirements. It is not necessary to take a supplement because it is readily available in cereals, whole grains, and other generally available sources. However, if you are expecting twins the doctor may prescribe oral supplements because your nutrients is being distributed among three people and it might lead to thiamine deficiency.

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