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5 Reasons To Raise Your Children in The Village and Not The City

Children are termed the future leaders because of what they get to learn over the years before adulthood. While they advance in age, it's best for parents to also expose them to their origin where they get adequate information about their ancestors and who they truly are.

However, the best way to do this is by raising them in hometowns where cultural heritage has been preserved over the centuries. Other reasons for this are:

1. To Preserve Custom and Traditions

Most children born in the city hardly know the customs and traditions of where they originally come from. Hence, this is very important so the traditions continue from one generation to another. Although your kids can spend some holiday periods in the city but make sure they always come back.

2. To Properly Understand Your Language

The local language is proof that you're a true indigene of a particular village or community where you hail from. They are spoken often in villages than how people interact with them in the urban areas where English is mostly used. Building your child up in this manner helps them to stand confident and defend their prestige wherever they find themselves.

3. For Community Expansion

These days, the villages only get highly populated during festive periods such as Christmas when lots of indigenes from the city come back to their hometowns and return a few weeks after all is over. However, children being raised in the villages can also produce their kids to triple the number of indigenes in such territory.

4. To Hold Local Offices

Most times, non-indigenes are the ones who enjoy this privilege since the true sons and daughters of the soil are far away. The non-indigenes often change laws against the customs and traditions practiced in the land. But this wouldn't be the case if parents endeavor to raise their children in their hometowns and villages.

5. To Bring About Innovations In The Villages

Villages are rural areas where people have termed “undeveloped” for many years because of a lack of innovative minds. However, youths are known to be innovative by nature due to their quest for advanced knowledge. It's better if parents begin to raise their children in hometowns and villages instead of concentrating on cities for even developments.

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