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Reasons Why You Should Not Allow Your Child To Suck His Fingers

Parenting may be closely related to marriage but they are not same, because, one can be married without being a parent, same way someone can be a parent (through adoption) without being married. Parenthood is a complex aspect of marriage that requires a man or a woman to do uncomfortable things for the comfort of the child under his/her care. A parent can be well described as a caretaker who takes care of the blessing (child) that God gives to married couples. As such, before one can play the role of a caretaker to the fullest, the man or woman involved must do all that is necessary to give the child the best.

Even though there are times that a parent may need to "bend the rules" to give a child some freedom, wisdom most be applied. A totally negligent parent may fail in his/her caretaking role. To make the best out of Parenthood, a balance must be struck.

Often times, we see small children sucking their fingers. To some parents, that should not be something to lose sleep about, while to others, it is a big deal. No matter the interpretation given to such act, there are some downsides to it. It has both habitual and medical implications.

1. Habitual downside. A child who developed the habit of sucking his fingers without being stopped is prone to growing up into a full fledged adult who will suck his/her fingers wherever he/she may find himself/herself when the urge to do so comes.

2. Medical downside. According to a medical report, sucking of the fingers (mostly the thumb) can result to herpes blister. Medically, it is called herpetic Whitlow. This was revealed under symptom of herpes. Herpes is a mild condition that causes small sores to appear on the skin. Even though herpes can appear on other parts of the body to include eyes, genitals, thighs, male and female private organs of adults, for children, it appears on the fingers.

(A finger with herpes. Photo source || Google image)

(A finger with herpes. Photo source || Google image)

When the virus enters the finger through sucking, it develops one or more sores around the fingernail. As time progresses, the child will start feeling some pains and tingly sensation. If the sores spread, they join up to become large as honeycomb. Within a time frame of 7 days, they may extend to the nail bed.

One notable thing about herpes is, it has no cure. Once it has enters inside the skin, it remains in the victim's body for a lifetime. It may go after a while but it will keep reoccurring in the future.

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Source || medical news today

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