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Ten reasons why you don't make progress in life

We often blame others for our failures, woes and current life's situations. People blame parents for living poor and lack of connections, they blame families for having a hand in their mischiefs, they blame friends for not linking them up, they blame society generally for being unfair to them specifically, and so on.

We'd discus and point out ten major reasons you don't make tangible progress in life

> You wear oversized shoes:

The standard of life you are living is far beyond what your pocket can sponsor. Calm down life is in grades and stages, you will get there, just climb gradually. Don't live beyond your income. Don't borrow to impress anybody.

> You compare your life with others who you think do better than you:

Nobody is doing better than you. Life is in times and seasons, calm down, don't compare your life with anybody, is just their season they are in, yours will come if you would realize that.

> Your circle of friends:

The people you are friends with will influence you either positively or negatively. Check your circle of friends if they have what you want in life. If they don't have it change them.

> You don't have a mentor:

If you want to be successful in life early enough, don't use your life to do experiment, have a mentor and learn from their mistakes and cling to their success. Your mentor may be someone you haven't met in person but watch on TV or read about. But have a mentor.

> No self- development plans:

Self- development is one of the greatest asset anyone can have because it gives you an edge in life.

> You have pride and too much ego:

Because of pride and too much ego you have refused to ask questions or learn from people that knows better than you in your field of endeavor or whatever area. Cut your pride and be ready to learn from people who knows more than you.

> You think about what people will say:

The second step to be a failure in life is to always consider what people will say. You don't live your life for anybody so don't live to impress anybody.

> Chronic procrastination:

This very one can ruin your live in few months if you indulge in it. Try not to ever procrastinate again.

> You are afraid of taking risk:

One thing God hates most is fear. If you know you are a child of God then stop being afraid and be a risk taker. The kind of risk we are talking about here is not betting though. Dare to be a risk taker

> You don't pray enough:

Try to increase your prayer life and see how life becomes sweet and easy for you.

Thanks for reading and God bless you. Don't forget to comment and share.

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