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Pregnancy period

5 Folic Acid Rich Foods Pregnant Women Should Eat During Their Pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy are critical and as a result, the expectant mother has do everything right to ensure the proper development of her child. According to Healthline, folic acid is very good for the proper development of an unborn baby.

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Pregnant women are advised to drink folic acid because aside from the many health benefits associated with taking this drug, it also prevents the unborn baby from having certain deformities like, spinal deformity. Folic acid is also known as folate or, vitamin B9.

However, what many do not know is that, there are many foods that are rich in folate that pregnant women can use to substitute folic acid. Folic acid is not good for people with certain medical conditions and since pregnant women need folic acid, they can derive it from eating certain kinds of foods.

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Here Are Five (5) Foods Pregnant Women Should Eat Regularly To Get Folic Acid.

1. Beans: beans is a very popular food that is found all over Nigeria. Infact, Nigeria is blessed with different species of beans such as; white beans, brown beans, iron beans, kidney beans etc.

Beans are a very rich source of folate which makes them very good for pregnant women. Beans also contains a lot of nutrients like; protein, iron, fiber etc all of which are good for an expectant mother and her unborn child.

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2. Fruits: there are many fruits in the market and some of these fruits are relatively cheap. Generally speaking, pregnant women are advised to eat a lot of fruits because of the several health benefits they and their unborn babies can derive from fruits.

Fruits are also a rich source of folic acid which makes it an essential food pregnant women should consume. Fruits like, oranges, lemon, avocado, paw paw, and bananas are very rich in folate.

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3. Whole Grains: whole grains like whole wheat, is a rich source of folic acid. Also, bread made from whole wheat are a perfect food for pregnant women according to Healthline because, aside from the natural folate present in the whole grain bread, extra folate are also added to fortify it. 

It is important to note that, whole grains are grains that have not undergone any form of industrial or, local processing which means all parts of it are still intact.

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4. Eggs: eggs are a rich source of protein and other nutrients. Eggs are particularly good for pregnant women because of the high folate they contain.

Eggs can be prepared in different ways such as boiling, scrambling or frying. 

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5. Liver: liver is an organ in the body of animals. The liver is rich in folate which makes it the best part of meat for a pregnant woman.

There are many other foods that are rich in folic acid aside from the ones mentioned above and they include; nuts, leafy vegetables, sea food, beetroots etc.

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