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How to reward your child for good behaviour

Many parents have been unsure whether they are reprimanding their children appropriately when trying to teach them an important lesson. The dilemma of 'how much is too much' is constantly present and some parents are concerned that their reprimanding approaches aren't strong enough. How many parents, on the other hand, have wondered about their children's reward and recognition system?

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It's important to properly reward your child for good behavior or hard effort. This automatically motivates them to improve because of the positive feelings that come with being rewarded.

Here are ways to properly reward a child for good behavior

1 Use affection as a reward

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Affection as a reward can be a powerful tool for letting your child know you approve of their actions. You may give your child a high five, a pat on the back, arm, or shoulder, or a big smile. Other expressions of affection, such as hugs or kisses, are also acceptable.

2 Spend additional time with your child

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Spending additional time with your child can also be used to praise good behavior. This may be an extra five to ten minutes of reading or playing games your child enjoys. Using quality time as a type of reward can help you and your child builds stronger social relationships.

3 Give your child valuable items as a reward

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Although material objects can be used as rewards, you should avoid merely giving your child toys. Instead, consider purchasing useful gifts such as school supplies or items for your child's room. This will ensure your child gets satisfaction from the reward for a long time.

4 Allow your child to spend time with friends

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Your child may also respond positively to being given free time to spend with their friends as a reward. This is a good incentive for older kids because it allows them to socialize with other kids.

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