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Letter To All Parents: Never Let Your Child Do These Three Things With Anyone

The world is a place filled with different faces and characters. In our community today, bad things are happening and every day we hear of things that are not pleasant to the hearing. Every parent has the responsibility of protecting their children. This is one of the things you shouldn't wait for no one to help you do, not even your siblings, parents, or the government.

This article is dedicated to lovely parents, who want their children the survive the harsh environment they found themselves in, especially the female children. There are many child hunters out there, some rape children, some use them for rituals, some use them for trafficking, some even convert them to criminals using them to achieve their dangerous objectives, etc. These child-hunters are found in our communities, neighborhood, and even in the very house, we live in. Your brother, sister, or other family relatives can also be a suspect. So I writing you this letter to tell you how much your children need your protection and care. Some children below the age of 5 have experienced several cases of abuse, like sexual abuse, physical abuse, even emotional abuse.

If you are living in any environment that has lots of people, you should be asking yourself how safe is your family? In a house where there are lots of people living together, the question is how safe is a 5-year-old or a 15-year-old girl in that house? As a parent, you should know that this is the age period when children are prone to attacks and abuses.

When you post the birthday pictures of your daughter at the age 10 on social media, you see some people commenting sexually about the pictures. This is the period when urges in men speak louder than their common sense and your child becomes the target of such men.

You can help reduce the risk of your child becoming a victim and protect her from a negative lifestyle by avoiding her from doing these three things below with anyone.

1. Don’t allow your child to sit on the lap of anyone, especially unknown men and women. Some girls and boys perceive this as a pleasure tool. You should know that not all the people out there have self-control. This can increase the urge in them and they may target your child for releasing pleasure. You should be careful of who is approaching your male or female child.

2) You should not allow your children to watch an adult movie or romantic movie in someone's else house. This is not safe for both male and girl children. This increases your child's chances of being abuse by other people. And also will help reduce the risk of developing a negative lifestyle.

These people include your friends, neighbors, and unknown relatives because you can't guarantee their moral standards. You should learn to keep your children indoors and provide them with the things they need both physical and moral needs. Your child(ren) should be able to learn good morals because they clock the age of twenty. Because at this age you can't completely hold them back from negative things.

3.) Some parents have pushed their wards to become what they are now. Even if your girl-child or boy-child is becoming troublesome and disturbing, you should learn to manage him or her properly rather than chasing them out of the house. Some girls and boys fall victim to the process of looking for someone to comfort them. You should call them to order by educating them, let them see reasons why they need to become someone better. Make sure you keep them safe because these days some guys see an eight years old girl as a 15 years old girl. You should keep your kids safe to prevent a story that touches.

This letter of mine is calling all parents from different parts of the world to protect their children from perverts!

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