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Meet The Only Male Animals In The world That Get Pregnant And Give Birth(Photos)

The greatness and superiority of God are incredible, awesome and amazing. He created all living things and cause them to multiply abundantly.

The activities of the family of Syngnathidae that led to reproduction sound amazing as these family of animals are the only animals in which their males get pregnant and give birth unlike other thousands of animals. This feat made them the only male animals in the world that get pregnant and give birth.

They are a set of animals that you will like to see. They change colour, move their eyes independently of the other and even have tails just like monkeys.

After both the male and female have involved in courtship, the female deposits the eggs inside the male's porch. The male will then fertilize the eggs. Unlike humans that carry their babies inside the uterus. The Seahorses carry their babies inside the porch and the porch provide adequate oxygen, supplies accurate temperature, provide nutrients and also ensure quality blood flow between the dad and the baby.

The Seahorses and their near relatives such as the pipefish and Seadragon which belong to the family Syngnathidae exhibit a weird form of reproduction in the sense that the females do not get pregnant neither do they give birth. In this form of reproduction, the females only produce eggs and store them on the male's porch. The egg gets fertilized in the body of the male animal which in turn leads to pregnancy and finally giving birth.

According to multiple discoveries by scientists, it Is found out that these animals carry this strange form of reproduction because it enhances quick reproduction. It assists them to produce more babies and increase the survival rate in the face of predation and illegal hunting. While the men are carrying the pregnancy, the females are busy preparing more eggs which will be implanted in the body of the male animal immediately after it gives birth.

Even though, their offsprings do not have parental care once they are born. They still strive to survive in their environment. Scientists made it known that they can survive because of the immense protection pregnancy carrier(male ones) gave to the babies during pregnancy.

Male Seahorses, Pipefish and Seadragon are doing all they could to ensure the continuity of their offspring. Haven bagged the record as the only male animals in the world that get pregnant and give birth to their young ones. They deserve some accolades, encomiums and respect. What do you think?

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