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Pregnancy period

Ladies, Here are 4 Mistakes You Should not Make When You are Pregnant

Being pregnant is no doubt a difficult job and it is the joy of most women. This is why despite the pain of child birth, ladies still endure it.

It is really painful to lose a child before the child is born, but it is actually some of the mistakes some mother's make during pregnancy, in some people is just natural.

In this article, I am going to be talking about 4 mistakes you should not make when you are pregnant

1. Taking Alcohol in Excess

If you were already addicted to taking alcohol, it is recommended that you stop. This is because alcohol has been proven to be very bad for the baby and even health of the mother.

Taking alcohol generally at your first trimester could lead to Miscarriage. Even when it passes this stage, it could also lead to miscarriage or birth defects and no woman wants her child to be born with a defect.

2. Smoking

Generally smoking has been proven to be a bad habit that could affect anyone and anybody. This is even more painful for pregnant women as it could lead to miscarriage or even death of the mother and child.

Smoking is bad and even more bad in pregnant women because it affects more than one person (mother and child).

3. Eating uncooked meats

If you are fan of those ladies that tend to taste meat by taking them one by one while it is parboiling, I suggest you stop. This is because uncooked meats could cause illness in pregnant women leading to either miscarriage or birth defect.

4. Drinking caffeinated drinks

Normally, caffeine is good when taken in moderation but it is bad for pregnant women even in small quantities as most studies don't really say the quantity.

Caffeinated can lead to miscarriage or cause other forms of harm to the growing baby

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