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(Memes Collection) The Stress Of Being The First Son Of The Family.

The burden of being the first born in the family can be frustrating at times, in a typical Nigerian family, the first born is usually considered as the assistant parent and is automatically expected to support the family, shield his siblings without any complain.

We tend to expect much more than they can offer most times and being the first born, the society gives almost no room for weakness neglecting the fact that they are also humans and have their own personal problems.

Below are 9 memes that first borns willing be able with.

Nobody wants to hear that you don't have money.

Especially when your siblings are the stubborn type. You are always settling fights or you are involved in the fight.

Your name becomes the first on the list even when it is not your fault.

Really frustrating.

It will look like family problems already have plans for your salary and is just waiting for you to receive it.

You don't have any reason not to attend especially when it is the family meeting.

May God bless our first borns, please always find time to care for them, they really go through alot and are so underappreciated just because we feel it's their duty, call them as often as you can and show them that you love them, they are truly wonderful set of people.

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