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Pregnancy period

Yam; The Benefits Of Eating It During Pregnancy

The pregnancy period is a time in which the woman has to be extremely careful about her food choices. Consuming nutritious diet during this period ensures the safety and growth of the mother and child. Yam can be described as a perennial vine cultivated for it's rich nutrients. Fresh yams are safe to eat and absolutely healthy for pregnant women because of the diverse benefits it provides. These benefits will be discussed in this article.

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Benefits Of Eating Yam During Pregnancy:

1 Prevents constipation and aids digestion.

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2 Prevents premature birth and strengthens the baby's immune system.

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3 Yam is an excellent source of vitamin B6 which prevent the chances of low birth weight in babies.

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4 It's a store house of potassium which helps to keep the blood pressure in check.

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5 Prevents cancer: it contains vitamin C and beta carotene that can help to fight oxidative stress and cancer.

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6 Due to it's vitamin B6 content, it provides relief to nausea feeling in pregnant women.

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7 It contains copper, iron, and zinc which lowers the chances of anemia in pregnant women.


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