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Here Are 4 Organs You Should Check In Your Baby Immediately After Giving Birth

The joy of every mother is to give birth successfully, having the baby alive. As much as you're happy you have a baby already do not forget to check these 4 organs on your new born baby immediately.

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1. The Navel: there's a need to check if there's no bleeding, pus, or any form of swelling due to the Navel cut, and incase you notice any voice out to the doctor immediately.

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2. Tongue: there's a common condition with the tongue if it's not treated immediately, and it's call tongue tie, make sure you examine the baby's tongue, so that any noticable thing can be treated immediately.

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3. Fingers: there are kids who are born with six fingers, and it is good to quickly fix it while the baby is still young, so do well to check the fingers, and call on the doctor if you notice anything.

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4. The eyes: you should check the eyes, and do some eye test for the baby, to be sure of his or her sight, so that you can fix any irregularities quickly.

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Thank you so much for reading. May every woman still trusting God for the fruit of the womb receive their testimonies, and may all pregnant women give birth safely.

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