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When I Go For School Functions My Mates Don't Interact With Me Because Of My Disability - Lady

Chiwetalu Charity, a 24-year-old Accountancy student of Enugu State University has recently been interviewed by BBC News in regards to how she has been coping with her disability. She lost her legs immediately she was born because she had no veins and it was getting rotten so it needed to be amputated. During this interview, she revealed that when she goes for school functions, her mates refuse to interact with her because of her disability.

According to her, it is because of how her school mates treats her at some of these functions that she refuses to attend them most times. She hates being treated less than a human being as she believes she is only disabled and not suffering from any contagious disease. She said that her disability has helped her know real friends who stick by her and correct her when she is wrong. She made it clear that she hates pity and does not want it from anyone. Charity further stated that she is more interested in making herself happy and expressing her creativity through online platforms like Tiktok.

She said, "When I go for school functions most of my mates in school won't interact with me. This is why I don't go for some of these functions. They will discriminate me because of my disability".

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