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Pregnancy period

For Women, Here Is The Best Advisable Age Bracket To Start Having Babies

Take note that this article is just for enlightenment purposes and does not necessarily mean anyone who didn't get pregnant within the brackets mentioned here is bound to face complications.

Source: Parents

Engagement into intimacy from a young age in life can in women result to complications later in life. One example of these complications is cervical cancer. Getting pregnant at a young age as well, when the muscles of the pelvis are yet to develop perfectly would still come with complications.

Ovulation is the release of eggs from the ovum and pregnancy would follow if fertilization of any of those eggs occur. Ovulation occurs monthly and as a woman ages, the quality of the eggs released by her ovaries also depreciates gradually and for that reason, giving birth to children when you are close to menopause can also come with complications. Some of them may include -

Placenta praevia - A condition in which the placenta covers the entrance of the cervix from which the baby would be pushed resulting to no other alternative than caesarian section.

Some other examples of complications that may result from this include infant low birth weight, down syndrome et cetera.

For these reasons, an article sited in 'Healthline' suggested that the best age bracket a woman can start having babies is from her late 20s to early 30s being that this age bracket has the least complications as compared to the rest.

However, like I stated earlier, this article is for couples who are intending to know the right time to start having babies. It doesn't necessarily signify that any pregnancy coming outside such age bracket would lead to complications. Thus, at whatever age your pregnancy comes, feel optimistic and never give room for fear or panic.

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