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3 attitudes you should never exhibit in the presence of your children.

The Bible expressed that you should raise a child in the way he should go, that when he is old, he will never depart from it. The best way to train a child is by character; that is, being a model to your child.

However, to help your child become a responsible person in future, there are certain attitudes you should never exhibit around that child. These attitudes include:

1. Using abusive words: when parents or guardians use abusive words in the presence of their children, it makes the children to believe that is a normal way of life or the right way to unleash your anger on anyone who offends you, and when they grow up, it becomes their attitude. Therefore, parents should stop using abusive words, especially in the presence of their children.

2. Using obscene words: it is egregious for parents or guardians to use obscene words in the presence of their children. The society is hoping to raise children who would maintain high morality and abhor every form of moral decadence; however, using obscene words would cause tremendous negative impact on the children's morality.

3. Engaging in fights or arguments: the act of fighting or arguing in the presence of your children is wrong. Fighting is an antisocial behaviour which should not be condoned. On the process of arguing, some unwholesome attitudes might be exhibited which would affect the children's mindset subsequently. However, you must avoid fighting and arguments.

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