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4 tips for night weaning

Constantly nursing a hungry infant in the middle of the night can leave a mother fatigued and exhausted from a lack of rest. During the night, many babies will have one or two comfort feeds to return to sleep, and it can be difficult to transition seamlessly from feeding once or twice at night to entirely weaning them off breastmilk.

Every infant is unique, with its own set of requirements. However, most babies are ready to sleep through the night between the ages of four and six months because, at this age, they usually get enough energy from their daily feeding to keep them going through the night.

Here are signs that show your baby is ready for night weaning

1 If the baby feeds less during the day and makes up for it at night, it's time to change the cycle and concentrate on feeding during the day because it is a clear indication that the infant needs to resume his or her usual daytime feeding schedule.

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2 If your baby wakes up to play while feeding, he is not hungry and is simply unable to break the habit of waking up to eat.

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3 When the infant begins to eat solid foods during the day, he or she will be less likely to be hungry at night. This is the ideal moment to wean your child from nighttime feedings.

Here are tips when night weaning your baby

1 Feeding before sleep

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 Feed the baby until it is satisfied before bedtime to ensure that the infant is satisfied. This will allow you to sleep for a few more hours because the baby will not be hungry for a long period.

2 Reduce feeding time gradually

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Gradually reduce the amount of time the infant feeds during the night every day, pause the session for a few minutes to compensate for the milk consumed during the daytime feed.

3 Be consistent

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Your kid will adjust to the new normal faster if you have a strategy and adhere to it rather than offering a feeding some nights but not others.

4 Involve another family member

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Babies sometimes feed in the middle of the night to calm down. You can try to enlist the help of the father or another family member to calm the infant. Allowing someone else to take over while you step away can help you gradually sever the link between sleeping and eating.

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