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Start doing these 5 things as a last born if you don't want to be dependent on your siblings

There is a popular believe that lastborns are lazy and tends to depend on their parents and siblings, but I'm here to prove that mentality wrong. A lastborn is the last child of the family, due to the situation of their birth lastborns are known to be spoilt, dependent and lazy. Parents especially mothers tends to shower all their love to their last child because he or she is the closing of their birth.

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This article is inspired by pure experience because i am a lastborn but i don't behave like one, what do i mean? When i was growing up i noticed that my siblings and parents tends to pamper me too much, i was loved, protected and pampered to the extent that i wasn't allowed to go outside and play with other children because they felt that i will get hurt. Being the last of 8 children taught me a lot of things and that is what I'm going to be sharing with you in this article.

As a lastborn you are in a better position to become successful because you don't have any problem. Unlike the first child that has the responsibility of taking care and helping in the upbringing of their siblings the lastborn has less responsibilities, that alone keeps you in the position of success but due to how lastborns are trained most of them tends to loose focus because it is only when you start growing that you will realize that "life is not a bird of roses".

I took proper advantage of all the privileges which are enjoyed by lastborns and today, I'm reaping the benefits.

As with everything that has advantages, there must also be a disadvantage according to my experience while growing up. Below are two challenges lastborns are likely to face.


Being alone most of the times is one of the challenges lastborns tend to face, when your siblings must have left the house for the university or marriage you are always alone, you will agree with me that whether you like it or not as a lastborn you will be the last person to leave the house unless the age difference between you and your siblings is small.

You get to do all the chores

Whether your siblings are around or not, as a lastborn you are definitely the one to clean the house and wash the dishes as well, this may not be fully considered as a challenge because it is really training you, but sometimes house chores are tiring.

Having known the challenges lastborns have to face, now let's dive on the topic of this article. Below are five things you have to do as a lastborn if you don't want to be dependent.

Don't believe that you are too young

As the lastborn you will never grow in the eyes of your parents, especially your mother, she tends to make you feel like you are still young to do almost everything. Don't believe this because "time flies". For you to be independent you have to start early on whatever you want to do in life.

Respect your siblings

It is true that "respect is a reciprocal" but that principle doesn't apply to your siblings, you have to respect and obey them because a respectful child always gets something from the elders.

Acquire a skill

Skill acquisition is for everybody not minding your position in the family, it is very necessary that you acquire a skill as this can make you Independent because you can easily exchange your skills for cash.

Start up a business

You are advised to start up a small business if you want to be independent. Don't worry about the capital required for setting up the business as you can request from your siblings, trust me! If you are obedient to them, they will not hesitate to help you because you are their baby sibling. That is where respect comes to play.


Because of lack of responsibilities, lastborns tends to be wasteful as they don't know what to do with money sometimes. You are advised to save because you are not going to remain a lastborn forever, in years to come you will become a father or mother as the case may be. Do not just save, also try to invest.

Having been equipped with all this information, you don't really need to depend on anybody in this generation, no matter how rich your family may be, you still have to go out there and make your own money!

My prayer is for all of us to emerge successful

Tell me what you feel about lastborns in the comment section below 👇.

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