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3 Things Parents Do That Make Kids Selective About Food

The behaviour of being selective at a young age is something that is very common in most kids. But most times, their parents are the major causes of this. Even from the time a kid is 6 months old, he/she starts learning from what the parents are doing.

This is why if you over pamper a child, the child must grow up to be over pampered. This is not what they learn but a habit the study from their parents.

Well in this article, I am going to talk about some of these things parents do that make kids selective about the foods given to them.

1. Giving them free range snacks

Free range snacks can mean buying them things like sweet, biscuits and other junk Foods from childhood. Although healthy snacking like fruits and certain beverages can be good for the body as most foods cooked don't contain all the nutrients.

But this should not become a regular thing as kids generally have smaller stomach which these junk foods or natural snacks could easily full.

When these stomach gets full and you try giving them homemade meals, they tend to reject it as they have no space for more foods. If this grows overtime, they might eventually grow love for these snacks and dislike homemade meals.

2. Not scolding them when they reject the foods.

You shouldn't allow your kids worry you with their eager taste as the desire of kids in terms of food are numerous. If you cook a well recommended healthy foods like beans (which on most cases kids reject) try scolding them and don't give them any other options.

It is recommended that you make it a habit to cook that food at a particular time every day like in the night and make them eat it every night, they will eventually grow love for it.

3. Don't call them "Picky"

Don't make it a custom and habit to always make it public that your child hates or likes a particular food as they will believe that they are right for hating that food.

They will reject it whenever you bring it and say that you already know they don't like that particular food.

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