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3 Probably Reasons Why Celebrities Hide The Faces Of Their Babies On Social Media After Birth

Have you noticed that a lot of celebrities hide the faces of their newborn baby immediately after delivery? Some of them hide them till they become of age, like 3 to 5 years before they finally dislike the face of their baby to the public. A lot of celebrities have done this, and I think their reasons for doing it are as follows.

1) Confidential.

Some celebrities like it when everything about their life, especially marriage, is confidential. This kind of celebrity will never be. Bring up anything concerning their marriage on social media, they know how they go about their life. So they post only the body of their child when he or she is born without showing their faces till they become older.

Photo Credit: Google/photos.

2) To keep fans in suspense.

When this celebrity bears their child, a lot of people tend to see their faces, by all means, to know if the baby is if or not, and also to tell who the baby looked like, these set people will end up wanting to know and probably using another baby's face as a reference photo which some celebrities later debunk that it's not their baby's photo.

Photo Credit: Google/photos.

3) Waiting after the dedication.

Just like how Churchill and his wife, Rosy, did there, they waited after their dedication before finally disclosing their son's face. Since he was born, they used to post his photo, but they always make sure they remove his face from social media. They continued that way till they finally disclosed his face yesterday, and a lot of people got something adorable to say about the couple that is blessed with a cute son. It trended because they have been keeping his face off social media, so a lot of people were just stunned by how the baby looked yesterday.

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