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Why children under the age of six should not be allowed to use smartphones or computers

Devices with screens, according to psychologists, impair users' concentration and memory.

According to research cited by neuropsychologist Dr. Lvaro Bilbao, children under the age of six shouldn't have access to smartphones, tablets, or computers because doing so makes them crankier and lowers their concentration and memories compared to kids who don't use them.

Bilbao, who advises parents to forbid screens from being used by children under the age of six, says in his book Understanding Your Child's Brain that screens should gradually make their way into children's hands. He also warns that if children are exposed to screens too early, they may develop an unhealthy dependence on such devices.

"Screens should be there in a child's life because they are a part of ours, but in my opinion, it is preferable if they are introduced to a child gradually.

Once their brains have grown a little more emotionally and have strengthened their ability to control themselves, this should take place. In other words, starting at age six.

There is evidence that kids who frequently stare at the displays of cellphones, tablets, and laptops are angrier, less focused, and less able to recall things. A little youngster can be seen viewing a tablet with the YouTube logo displayed on it.

According to studies, kids who spend more time in front of screens are more likely to experience behavioural issues or depression as children. According to the new book, they could also lose interest in other activities that are better for their growth and develop an unhealthy dependence on screen-equipped devices.

Bilbao, who received his training at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US, claims that he does not have any kid-friendly apps on his tablet or mobile device.

On occasion, my kids and I browse at pictures on the phone from our vacation or the time we baked a cake. They don't play games, but occasionally we watch a music with them and teach them the dancing steps. We also restrict how much time they spend watching TV.

The World Health Organization recommends a complete ban on screens for children under two and limits screen usage for children under five to no more than an hour per day.

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Understanding Your Child 's Brain


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