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Pregnancy period

Pregnancy And Food Cravings: Why Pregnant Women Crave Certain Foods

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience from whichever angle you want to look at it, it affects you physically, health-wise, nutritionally, in your lifestyle, and so on. When a female gets pregnant for the first time it seems as though she just attained womanhood, so many changes take place, all to accommodate the small human she is preparing for the world.

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Food cravings have been closely associated with pregnancy, and it is most likely that when a woman is pregnant she hungers for certain foods and food combinations, sometimes foods that you've not thought about eating, what could be the cause of this craving?

It has been put out in the open that food craving is not a myth and that certain things about a woman's diet changes when she is pregnant, if not all women then most of them go through this. Mind you, food craving is not one-sided, you crave one food and tend to despise another, you'd probably start to dislike a food you formerly loved and start craving some weird food combinations.

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Food cravings due to pregnancy have been closely looked at, and even if it hasn't been fully understood and specific reasons assigned to it, theories have been made about it.

1. Change in nutritional requirement.

Certain nutritional needs have to be met for pregnant people, for example, the need for iron and calcium may be the drive behind the food their body craves, the downside is that they might want a food that contains these nutrients but isn't the best source of the nutrient they need. In a more realistic case, a pregnant woman who needs calcium may crave a big bowl of ice cream, she can get it from there but there are better and healthier foods like vegetables, fish, etc. that offer calcium.

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2. Sensory Changes.

Some pregnant women have increased sensory ability, like the ability to smell things from afar, this will greatly affect their food intake as some foods that smell pleasant to them will be sort after and others that don't smell nice to them will be despised and become unwanted, this is to say their sense of smell may affect their food craving.

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3. Hormonal Changes.

Hormonal changes too can contribute to or be the cause of food craving in pregnant women, the hormones associated with pregnancy can change the foods a pregnant woman craves, her mood, sense of smell, and sensory experience of food may be altered by hormonal changes as a result of pregnancy.

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It is important to note that craving starts just before the end of the first trimester, becomes more intense in the second trimester, and reduces towards the end of the third trimester of pregnancy.

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