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Opinion: Two Questions You Should Never Ask Your Parents

Our parents are our small god and thus, we must give them the due honour that they deserve. Worthy of note, we must note that our parents do give us liberty to do some things, especially when we’re still kids, and as such, we feel free to do anything and anyhow; however, there must be caution to it.

Of course, we also know that as we grow older, there are some questions we tend to ask our parents, ranging from how our childhood was, what our parents always do for us, their plans for us, and so many other things. But as much as we can ask these questions, we must know that there are some questions we mustn’t try to ask them at any point in time because they will sound rude.

If it’s still an infant, they might not find it rude, but if it’s a grown up child, it would sound rude and might not be answered. In the same light, some parents might overlook it since it’s no really big deal, but don’t bother asking them such questions.

Thus, we will be seeing 2 precise questions we shouldn’t ask our parents at any point in time; either jokingly or in a serious situation.

Their Age

As people who grew up in an African home, we must know that it’s somehow disrespectful to ask our parents their age, or more precisely, their date of birth. Except in some cases where it’s needed, either in your school, for some important document or perhaps their birthday, where you need to inscribe their age on a cake, don’t bother asking them; except they tell you themselves.

Their salary

This is one of the things you shouldn’t bother asking your parents; because it’s rude. Either they are rich or not, you shouldn’t ask, because more often than not, you’ll start demanding for things or start seeing your parents in lesser appreciation, or start disrespecting them.

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