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Average newborn weight- What you should know

If there's one area where parents want their children to be average, it's in terms of weight. If it's too low, parents worry that their children are too small or unwell and if it's too high, they start to worry about obesity.

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The typical weight of a full-term baby is 7.5 pounds, while a range of 5.5 pounds to 10 pounds is considered normal. There's probably no need to be concerned about your baby's size if she falls within that range during birth. If she's larger or smaller than that, your doctor may suggest additional testing or monitoring to ensure her health.

Here are factors that contribute to your baby's weight

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1 Your weight and food before and during pregnancy. If you're overweight, your baby may be bigger and if you don't get enough nutrients while pregnant, your kid may be smaller.

2 Whether your child is a male or a female because boys tend to be heavier.

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3 Whether you're expecting twins or triplets because multiples tend to be smaller than singletons.

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4 Your prenatal health, including whether or not you consume alcohol, smoke, or have diabetes during your pregnancy.

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