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Check Out 5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Children

Training up a child is one intentional effort of a parent that should be aimed at improving the child cognitively, spiritually, emotionally and moral wise.

You will quite agree with me that, as a parent or guardian, they are some things we should neither say nor do to our kids because of the high level of detriment it might constitute to their all-round development.

According to sociological and psychological research, it is discovered that a large percentage of degraded and emotional deprived adults in our society today, have been greatly affected and limited because of the negative words and treatment they received from their parents or guardian while growing up. Many of these affected adults, have developed a strong feeling of hatred and resentment in their life, which is apparently limiting them from living a quality life.

As regarding this article, I shall be sharing with you; 5 things you should never say to your children in other not to make them hate you for life. Check them below.

1.    “You are a Failure”.

It is so funny and sad how many parents in this era of the 21st century, still resort to using words that expresses failure on their children. Psychological research has proven that, the ideal of calling a child, most especially a tender minded individual a ‘failure’, will go a long way to drastically affect the child mentally, emotionally, and eventually amount to a life of low self-esteem. Even if your ward/child isn’t doing well in an aspect of desired learning, calling him or her a failure isn’t going to help the situation, but it would worsen it.

2.    “You can never be better than your siblings, friends or neighbours”.

Just because your child isn’t doing well as expected, isn’t enough reason to use such a derogatory expression at. Such expressions can drive in to the child future a lasting attitude of low self-concept, hatred and ingratitude.

3.    Telling your child ill and savaging words about your spouse (their parent as well).

Many African parents are of the common attitude of reporting the mistakes, excesses, flaws, ill practices of their spouse to their children in the bidding to get the child’s support and trust. This practice is considered to be extremely wrong and evil, because it is aimed at destroy the image or personality of the reported person to the child, which might most likely lead to the harbouring of resentments.

4.     Constantly reminding the child about his or her past errors and mistakes.

This is one unhealthy attitude many parents are guilty of. Many parents are fond of recalling and announcing the past errors and mistakes perpetuated by their children, most especially when drawing reference to a similar recent occurrence. The danger behind this is that; it hampers the child’s emotional and mental development and growth, and it grooms the child into a bitter adult.

5.    Using abusive and insulting words as a corrective tool.

Psychological studies and discovery have asserted that; majority of the bitter, resentful, immoral, and poorly behaved adults in the society today, are product of a very poor moral upbringing. The practice of using abusive and insulting words like; “stupid”, “foolish”, “goat”, “idiot”, and a whole lot of other negative statement, is considerably detrimental and unsafe for the mentorship and upbringing of a morally behave child. 

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