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An Author Asked Her Parents Why They Didn't Give Her An English Name, See What They Said To Her

British-Nigerian author, Bolu Babalola, has just taken to the micro blogging platform, Twitter, to write the response she got from her parents after she asked them why they didn't give her an English.

It is almost customary in this part of the world that a child must bear a native name and an English name.

But, in Babalola's case, her parents decided to give her native names only. So, at 7 years old she asked her parents why they chose to give her only Yoruba names and no English name.

She said her parents looked at her and asked her how many English people does she know that bear a Yoruba name?

According to Bolu Babalola, they asked her;

“How many English people do you know with a Yoruba Name?”

Bolu Babalola, said she was only 7 at the time so she didn't expect her parents to give her such response. She noted that she's grateful to her parents for giving her only Yoruba names because it really helped in boosting her confidence in life.

I really feel that giving a child an English name is not entirely necessary because no English person would give their child a Yoruba, Igbo, or Hausa name.

For a person like Bolu Bablola, her Yoruba names helped to shape her life today.

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