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Dear Fathers, If You Don't Want Your Family To Be In Crisis Never Do Any Of These To Your Children

The family is the smallest unit of every society. It is where the primary attitude and mentality of a child is often developed before having them into the bigger world. A family must be filled with peace and happiness if children coming out of it are to radiate such in all walks of their life. 

Among the things that can make a family disjointed, fathers are often in contribution to it by doing some things they are not supposed to do to their children. Examples of these things include

Telling your children they are good for nothing

Always cursing a child from a very young age will make them grow fond of your curses and they may take it out. Secondly, it may affect their self esteem, when you being a father to them always tell them how good for nothing they are, they could end up believing it is how they are supposed to be and in the long run this could make them develop a large resentment towards you. Some of them will a strong will power could decide to make it by all means to prove you wrong and then repay you all you've done.

Telling them bad things about your wife (their mother)

Never you bad mouth your wife in front of your children especially during their young ages. Remember these children are closer to their mom than they are to you. Their mind can easily be turned against you if their mom wants it so. I urge you to promote peace and harmony by all means and watch your family live in peace.

Beating your wife in front of them.

Beating a child's mom before him, you may get away with it at the moment because they are still young but the moment they grow up, they will make you pay for it. Children usually love their mom more than their dad, not always though but do not give them reason to dislike you forever by making their mum cry in their front.

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