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How to handle potty training regression in your child

Just when you thought your child's potty training days were over and you wouldn't have to spend as much money on diapers any longer, your kid begins to regress, you may be discouraged and lose patience, but it is a common occurrence for children to encounter or go through toilet training relapse.

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Although it is hard to say why your child might be suffering from regression, inconsistency and a lack of motivation could be the key reasons. Parents may not realize that in their zeal to train their child, they may rush the process when their child is not yet ready resulting in regression. A change in food can also cause regression.

Here are tips for dealing with potty training regression

1 Be positive about it

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The first and most important thing for you to realize is that it is perfectly normal for children to be exposed to situations like these and being optimistic about the circumstance will benefit both you and your child while being negative will simply discourage your child resulting in slow or no growth.

2 Make Dietary Changes for Your Children

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Constipation is one of the most common causes of regression which makes toddlers despise passing stool because they may be afraid of being wounded if they have to go potty. Make sure your child's diet has plenty of fiber and ensure that he or she is hydrated.

 3 Reward your child

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You must reward your child when he or she begins to show progress following a period of regression. This will allow your child to know that his efforts are valued and that he is doing a good job.

4 Maintain Consistency

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 Make sure you're being consistent with your efforts which involves making it a habit and employing positive reinforcement to do so. Also, after you believe your child has been properly trained, stick to the essentials until it becomes second nature to your child.

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