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7 Causes of Nail Biting in Kids

As a parent, you will come across a variety of strange behaviors in your children. There will be something, whether it's hair pulling, thumb sucking, nose picking, or nail biting. Some of these habits may make you uncomfortable, while others could be good for making an entertaining video clips. Although nail-biting is a widespread behavior among both children and adults, children are more susceptible to this impulse control dysfunction. Continue reading to learn about the causes of youngsters biting their nails.

1. Children bite their nails for comfort sake

It is natural for infants and toddlers to suck their thumbs as a kind of self-soothing. It gives them a sense of security when they're playing or alone. Thumb-sucking is a modified type of nail-biting that develops as children get older. As a result, children and even teenagers bite their nails for comfort.

2. Teething

Teeth coming in can prompt children to bite their nails. The second set of molars emerges after the first set and might take anywhere from 19 to 36 months to erupt. The process of your child's molars coming in, pushing up through the gums and placing stress on the other teeth, might irritate their gums and teeth. Give them something safe to bite or grind their teeth on as a remedy. In our case, we gave our kids a wooden spoon and told them to play with the handle as much as they wanted. Biting the handle accomplished the trick, as expected.

3. Children bite their nails when they are bored

When children are bored or doing something repetitive, they bite their nails. It's also visible when they're not doing anything and have their hands free, such as when they're watching TV or in class.

4. Children bite their nails due to habit they imitate from others

Children immediately pick up on other people's behaviors. Nail biting is an example of a typical behavior that children copy when they see another sibling or family member doing it.

5. Genetics

There's a risk that your habits will be handed down through your DNA to your children. If you used to bite your nails as a kid, your children are likely to do so as well. For example, i am an ulcer patient and i simply inherited Ulcer from my dad. So nail biting can also be inherit from a dad, mum or even grandparents.

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