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Pregnancy period

Some Ailments associated with Pregnancy and how you can handle them

Pregnancy is normally a wonderful time in the life of a woman and it is seen as an origin of human life.

It involves a lot of physical, emotional, hormonal, and psychological changes to prepare for this experience. Some women experience some minor ailments during pregnancy such as nausea, back pain, heartburn, constipation, vomiting, leg cramps, and these things normally disappear immediately after delivery.

Common Ailments That Affects Pregnant Women With Their Management:

1) Nausea And Vomiting:

This is a very common ailment in the early weeks of pregnancy, especially in a woman's first pregnancy and it usually appears after a woman misses her first or second period and will normally subside at the end of the 3 months.

Causes Of Nausea And Vomiting

The exact cause is still not very much known but the increase in estrogen and the human chronic Gonadotrophin can cause it. Also, some medical diseases and pregnancy complications can also cause it.

Management Of Nausea And Vomiting

a) Get enough rest and sleep when possible

b) Move the limbs for few minutes before getting out of the bed

c) Eat low-fat food and also carbohydrates-rich food like rice, noodle, and even mashed potatoes, also bread, toast biscuit can also help

d) Take some sour drinks

e) Eat small portions of food rather than big chunks every 2-3 hours

f) Avoid taking fatty, greasy food, garlic, deep-fried foods, and also don't drink coffee

g) Drink many fluids especially in between food to avoid stomach fullness

h) Do not brush your teeth and tongue immediately after you finish eating

i) Take an anti-emetic drug with plenty of glucose drink which is normally a cure for this condition.

2) Backache:

This is a normal occurrence in pregnant women and almost every women normally have it.

Causes of backache:

a) Stress normally accumulates in some weak areas of the body which is normally caused by some changes in the pelvic area may cause back pain for women during their pregnancy.

b) Urinary Infection

c) Additional weight

d) Constipation

e) Faulty posture

Management for Backache

a) Massage your back muscles

b) Lay on a hard bed

c) Avoid wearing heels or lifting heavy objects

d) Avoid standing for long

e) Sleep on one side and put a pillow in between the legs

f) Sit with back straight and let it be well supported

g) Apply a cold or hot compression on your back

3) Constipation

This is another common ailment that happens during pregnancy. The causes of this include taking high doses of iron supplements, the growing uterus creates pressure in the rectum, and also progesterone hormones which normally help in relaxing smooth muscles can also cause constipation.

Management For Constipation:

a) Drink at least 12 glasses of fluid every day be it milk, water, juice, or soup, it is more beneficial if it is warm.

b) Try to use the restroom as bowels are normally active after meals.

c) Avoid laxatives except those that are recommended by your doctor

d) Take less iron

e) Eat foods that are high in fiber such as cereals and bread, fresh fruits and vegetables

f) Exercise and maintain an active lifestyle

4) Frequent Urination:

The causes of this normally include an increase in the blood flow to the kidney by almost 50% during the pregnancy and also the relaxation effect of the progesterone on the urinary tract. Also, urinary tract infections can also cause this frequent urination. Another cause of this is the extra weight and pressure of the baby that is pressing on the bladder and also the pelvic floor.

Photo Credit: Blackdoctor

Management of Frequent Urination:

a) Do regular pelvic floor exercises during and even after pregnancy

b) Avoid caffeine

c) keep drinking water, do not cut on your fluid intake thinking it will help you

d) Lean forward when urinating as this will help you empty the bladder.

5) Leg-cramps:

This is very common during pregnancy and they are painful and sharp lower leg cramps that often start during the second or third trimesters. The causes normally stem from muscle tension, weight gain, and sometimes too much vomiting can cause this due to a low level of potassium and calcium in the blood.

Management Of Leg Cramps

a) Avoid sitting with crossed legs or standing for a long period of time

b) Take a walk every day

c) Try to take a warm bath before going to bed

d) Massage calves and feet regularly

e) Rotate ankles and wiggle toes when you are sitting, eating or watching Tv

f) Rest with your legs elevated

6) Heart Burn:

One major cause of this is oily, fatty, and spicy food, another one is the effect of the relaxation of the progesterone on the esophageal sphincter which results in the reflex of acidic fluid thereby causing irritation and heartburn.

Management For Heart Burn

a) Chew food properly 

b) Wait an hour after eating before you lie down

c) Avoid bending and stooping after eating

d) Avoid eating spicy, fatty, or greasy food

e) Eat small portions of food throughout the day rather than 3 large meals

f) Wear loose-fitting clothing

g) Don't take an antacid without asking your doctor.

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