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Pregnancy period

Reasons for blurred vision during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, it is very normal to have blurry visions. You may even notice that your eyes get drier and itchier. Blurred vision during pregnancy is naturally concerning at first, but it is a common phenomenon among pregnant women and normally causes no concern as it will be gone after childbirth.

For women who don't have eyes defects normally, blurry vision during pregnancy can be very scary and worrisome but there is no reason for alarm because your body is just going through hormonal changes.

Here are reasons why you have blurry vision during pregnancy

1 Fluid build-up

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During pregnancy, water retention in the body causes swollen hands and feet. The swelling can also occur around the tissue in your eyes which also causes swelling in the eyes.

2 Corneal edema

Photo Credit: Healthline

Swelling of the cornea often occurs during late pregnancy and it can induce thickness of the cornea, making your eyes feel more sensitive and causing visual abnormalities such as blurred vision.

3 Increased eyes dryness

Photo Credit: Healthline

During pregnancy, your tear production reduces, which can cause dry eyes, itching, and irritation. This increased dryness can make using contact lenses more uncomfortable so try to avoid them during pregnancy.

4 Dizziness

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Dizziness caused by fast movements and changes in position, and actions like rising up from a seated or reclining position can cause temporary episodes of blurred vision.

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