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Pregnancy period

Doctor Gives Clarification On Bleeding During Pregnancy

A Nigerian medical doctor has given clarification on bleeding during pregnancy. The doctor stated that a woman cannot menstruate while pregnant. He stated this on his social media page.

According to him, if a pregnant woman bleed in the first thirteen weeks of pregnancy, it could be due to the followings ;

1. Implantation spotting

2. Miscarriage

3. Polyps 

4. Infections

5. Ectopic pregnancy 

6. Molar pregnancy or some other causes.

He stated that the bleeding is not menstruation. He said what you should do is to note down any other symptoms you feel in addition to the bleeding, such as tummy pain, fever, or vaginal discharge.

He added that you can visit the hospital for your health care provider to identify the cause of your bleeding and treat it quickly if treatment is needed.

He further explained that bleeding within the first thirteen weeks of pregnancy should not be taken lightly. 

He revealed that it is not menstruation, it is known as first trimester bleeding. He disclosed that it usually has an underlying cause.

Below is the snapshot of the statement of doctor ;

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Miscarriage Molar Nigerian Polyps


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