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3 Attitudes/Mentalities You Need To Correct In A Child Before He Or She Grows Up

What do you want your children to achieve in life? What do you want them to learn to help them grow as people in the future? Is there anything you're doing wrong when it comes to properly train your children? Are you also preparing them for the mental aspects of their lives in addition to physical training? With all of the above questions, it is evident that parents have a lot to do for their children and a lot to provide for them. Any responsible parent understands that training a child is never a simple undertaking and that they must work extremely hard and then rely on God if their children are to make any progress in life.

The society in which we now live is not the same as the one we saw yesterday. The world is revolving both positively and negatively, and time is moving faster than most things. The majority of our youth have been enslaved by bad behaviors, lifestyles, and life views. As a result of the terrible knowledge they have acquired from people they call their FRIENDS, parents no longer have time to talk to their children, and youths no longer listen to their parents. Peer pressure and peer influence have engulfed most children's futures, and only God, through their parents, can save them.

Three mindsets have ingrained themselves in the minds of today's children. This article focuses parents' and guidance's attention on the importance of correcting negative attitudes in their children as early as possible to prepare the route for a brighter future for their children. Any youngster who wishes to advance in life must be taught the proper attitudes, mentalities, and moral habits. Any youngster who has already been taken into a dark area must be dragged out, corrected, and instructed on how to follow the correct path.

As a result, as parents, please rectify these three attitudes in your children if they have them so that they can make good development in life.

1. Correct their wrong attitude about money, so many of them believe that money is everything

MONEY is good, MONEY is also bad and damaging, it all depends on the eye with which one sees it. Money, more than anything else, now governs the globe, and many children are monitoring what is going on around them. They are already seeing how they can earn money at an early age, not because they know what to do with it, but because of what they hear about money in society. They may begin to lose concentration in school at a young age, forget the moral standards they should uphold, and begin to strategize about how to get money on a daily or monthly basis. They started hiding the remaining balance after doing errands, and they started stealing little amounts of money, all of which have an impact on a child's future. As a responsible parent, you must begin early in their lives to provide them with a positive financial orientation. They must understand that at their age, education, obedience, and designing their future are more essential than money.

2. Negative attitude toward a luxury lifestyle; most of them value luxuries and costly clothing so highly that they overlook what is more important at their age.

Cars, costly clothing, shoes, and other trendy items have taken over the minds of many individuals all over the world. Your youngsters may notice their peers wearing expensive clothes and shoes at church or school and begin to ask themselves questions. They will start seeking a method to earn money and buy their beautiful clothes and shoes, not realizing that all hands are not equal and that all families are not on the same financial footing, so that they may feel BELONGED and avoid being frightened by their so-called buddies. Look, this attitude is typical in your children since they are still learning to see things from multiple perspectives. As a parent, it is your responsibility to properly train, educate, and inform them on what your family can and cannot afford. It is a good step toward a brighter future if kids begin to be content with what they have at a young age.

Let them know that pleasure is contentment.

3. Too much dependence on their parents

Children should rely on their parents, but too much reliance is a bad attitude. Many of them believe that their parents are responsible for providing them with everything they require in life. Even in simple activities that they can perform for themselves, some children rely on their parents. Such an attitude is unfit for the modern world; to achieve, people must also help themselves. They must work hard in any way they can, and they must begin practicing their talent as soon as possible. As responsible parents, try to involve your children as much as possible in family decision-making; this will help them develop self-confidence, develop their brains, and reassure them that they are capable of accomplishing something on their own. Any child who is really ATTACHED to their parents may find it extremely difficult to cope in the future without them. So, every now and again, sit them down and remind them that they have a part to play in making their aspirations a reality. They must put forth a lot of effort in all they do.

Sit them down every now and then and remind them of where they came from, their history, and the best course for them to go.

Finally, how will you feel if you worked so hard and put so much stress into training your children only to have them disappoint you when you needed them the most? Isn't it true that you'll feel bad? Then you should be aware that in a child's education, not only hard effort but also smart work is essential. This essay has succeeded in identifying three attitudes that commonly impede children's advancement in today's culture; it is now up to you to address them in your children if they have any. The most crucial factor is the GOD FACTOR; utilize prayer to support whatever you do for your children. Keep in mind that everything is decided by God.

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