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6 Lessons Mummies Should Teach Their Daughters

When teaching a child in a way that he/she should go so that he/she would not depart from it, it's important for parents to bear in mind that they are raising adults. When grooming children, make sure that they are kind self-sufficient and confident, preferably in a way that they won't appear arrogant or boastful.

But then life is not a bed of roses and it's often not fair either. Not all children would get to feel motherly care or love. My heart goes out to them though. Infact, they are the major reason why I made this particular article. If you happen to be a young lady who wasn't fortunate enough to have gotten some viable lessons from a loving mother. Here's 6 lessons you can use.

1. Be The Change You Want To See In Others:

Respect is earned. And that doesn't go for significant others only but also friends and family. As a young woman you must model the respect you seek in a partner and others. Feed your body well, rest it well, treat it well also, because when you care for your body you will more naturally be drawn to someone who does the same.”

2. Listen Closely To Both Your Potential And Current Partners.

Being perceptive can save you a lot of heartaches. If a guy you like says he isn’t looking for a girlfriend, you best believe him and scoot. Take note of his snapping, especially the one he does to at his mother. If you notice how rude he is to others, don’t fool yourself thinking he will change for you. People often show and tell all you need to know about them.

3. Know All You Need To Know And Stay True To It. Relationships sometimes can looks right on the surface, and feel all wrong deep down. Whenever you feel like you aren't getting out of it what your investing, or you feel something’s missing or isn't right, you have to understand your wants and convey them, so that you can either fix the issues or move on with your life. You need to have a strong sense of self, don't be what others want you to be.

4. Go Into And Stay In A Relationship For The Right Reasons.

You need to understand that true love is about selflessness, affection and generosity. Avoid any relationship that doesn't have those features. Don't stay in a relationship because of fear if loneliness, outside pressure or shared friends. Don’t wait untill you get into crises to heed or seek advise. Learn how to recognize signs on time. You don't need to always stay with someone before making those decisions.

5. Don’t lose yourself in a relationship.

A woman can very easily lose herself when she's enters into a relationship. Never allowthe insecurities of a relationship stop you from living the life you deserve. Always patronize your interests, friends and alone time. You needs to live a fulfilled and happy life. It would be of little consequence how long the relationship lasted when you have self love.

6. You are enough

Do not let anyone tell or make you feel otherwise. This is probably the most important message daughters need to hear from their moms. Accepting and believing that you are enough means acknowledging that nothing in you needs to be changed just to be considered loveable by someone. And anyone who tries to convince you otherwise isn’t right for you.

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