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Meet The Mum With Small Baby Bump That Her Family Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Till She Gave Birth

Here is the story of a mother with a very small baby bump that is very or almost unnoticeable even to those she meet and sees everyday, through out the duration of her pregnancy, which is nine months. Chelsea Smith saw her mum, sister and father-in-law but says nobody knew she was carrying her third child. 

Chelsea Smith is a 26 year old mother married to Jack Smith, a 29 years old young man. She got pregnant of her third child. She didn't even know, because she didn't have any pregnancy symptoms, no morning sickness, no craving whatsoever and no noticeable baby bump. Which help keep her family and close friends in the dark for months. The couple welcomed baby Bertie on January 31, weighing 5lb 7oz.

After the birth of the child and telling their families and friends about the good news, they were puzzled according to her, it was like she was planning a big joke on them.

Even when she send the pictures of the baby to her sister, she was confused of the owner of the child.

The baby was complete no sign of anything wrong, he was completely okay and he wasn't premature. Chelsea and her husband just liked the idea of keeping it to themselves.

Source: Daily Star UK

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