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Dear Mothers, Check Out 4 Foods That Affect The Quality Of Breastmilk For Your Baby

During pregnancy and childbirth, the body prepares the most important meal every child needs to grow and be healthy- milk. Breastmilk is very essential for babies and they should not be deprived of it. Breastmilk contains vitamins and proteins that are needed for growth and development. breastmilk contains antioxidants also lowers your baby’s risk of suffering from certain diseases like asthma. 

Breastmilk is the only food a child can eat in his early stages because it can easily be digested. Breastfeeding your child makes him healthy, strong and lowers risk of suffering from chronic illnesses in future.

As a mother, you need to make sure your baby gets as much breastmilk as he needs. This means that you should restrict the consumption of foods that can affect how your body produces breastmilk. Some foods promote the production of breastmilk while others make production of breastmilk difficult. These foods can also affect the quality of the breastmilk, making it hard to breastfeed your baby.

In this article I will share 4 foods every breastfeeding mother should avoid while breastfeeding their child;

1.      Alcohol

Alcohol has many bad effects on health and your general wellbeing. When you drink alcohol, it gets into your breastmilk and this can badly affect your baby. If you want to consume alcohol, ensure that you drink it few hours before breastfeeding your baby.

2.      Garlic

Although garlic does not have any bad effects on breastmilk production; its smell can get into your breastmilk. Your baby might be reluctant to have breastmilk and this can deprive him of essential nutrients. Garlic has a pungent smell that gets into breastmilk and gives it an unpleasant smell that babes don’t like.

3.      Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine. When you drink coffee, caffeine gets into the bloodstream and a small amount of it can get into breastmilk. Babies don’t have the enzymes required to digest caffeine, this can badly affect your baby’s sleep.

4.      Fish

Some fish contain mercury which can be very harmful for both your health and that of your baby. Mercury is very toxic and it can affect the development of your baby’s nervous system. Fish like mackerel and tuna should be avoided during pregnancy.

Your diet is important even after the birth of your child. As a breastfeeding mother, the food you eat gets into your breastmilk and can negatively affect your baby’s health. Poor diet can cause diarrhea, rashes, restlessness and vomiting in babies.

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