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Sensory processing disorders in children

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Sensory processing describes how a youngster reacts to what he or she feels, tastes, smells, sees or hears. It's important that your child explores his surroundings and learns from his everyday experiences as he grows older. However, if you notice that your child reacts strangely to sounds, unusual colors, or new textures, he may be suffering from sensory processing disorder. However, panicking is unnecessary because this is easily treatable with proper care and therapy.

If you're trying to figure out if your toddler has a sensory processing disorder, here are signs to look out for;

1 If they're extremely sensitive, they may dislike being touched and if they're under-sensitive, they may be unable to resist touching everything.

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2 Loud noises and bright lights might upset and overstimulate them.

3 Extreme dietary aversions 

4 May have a proclivity for touching items and people, or may not recognize personal boundaries when other children do.

5 May response slowly to pain

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6 Inability to remain asleep for a long period

Sensory difficulties are linked to autism, as they are more common in those on the autistic spectrum. However, a child can have sensory difficulties but not autism, and it's better to seek advice from your pediatrician. 

How to treat sensory processing disorder in toddlers

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Sensory integration is a term used by occupational therapists to describe a set of engaging sensory activities for toddlers that can aid in the treatment of this illness. The activities usually include exposing the child to situations in which he feels uncomfortable and these activities help him become more proficient in the day-to-day tasks that he finds difficult to deal with. The therapist invites the parents to set new tasks once the child has become familiar with these activities.

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