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4 Fertility Boosting Activities For Couples Who Are Trying To Have Children

Many couples are facing fertility issues nowadays, making them to take all sorts of medications and advice just to boost their fertility. In this part of the world, couples are expected to start bearing children a year or two after marriage, but most people usually have to wait more than that. However, there are certain activities that have been proven to improve fertility and in this article, I will be discussing some of them.

1. Eating nutritious foods.

The foods we eat performs many functions in our body. Couples are advised to consume nutritious foods because they go a long way in ensuring the health of the reproductive organs. Men are advised to go for foods that are rich in vitamins, beta-carotene, L-arginine, and others. While women should eat foods that are rich in folic acid, omega-3 fats and others because they help to keep the reproductive system healthy.

2. Sleeping.

Research has shown that women who get enough sleep are more likely to get pregnant than those who don't. Sleep is very important in the body because it helps to produce hormones which aids reproduction. Furthermore, sleep deprivation leads to stress which reduces reproductive hormones like estrogen, testosterone and others. Couples should try to get enough sleep because it improves fertility.

3. Exercise.

Engaging in physical activities helps the body to maintain healthy weight, and as we all know, weight plays a huge role in fertility. Research has shown that being underweight could lead to infertility in women by causing hormonal imbalance which tend to have negative effects on ovulation, thus reducing fertility. Women are advised to engage in some exercises like Pilates, barre, yoga, and others because they aid fertility by building strength, balance, endurance, and muscle tone.

Men, on the other hand should do triathlons and competitive cycling for improved fertility. However, men should practice the aforementioned exercises in moderation to avoid prostate irritation.

4. Relaxation.

Relaxing the body is a healthy way to relieve stress, and research has shown that some relaxation activities like yoga and breathing techniques tend to balance hormones and boost fertility in women.

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