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Why Parents Should Limit The Amount of Cartoons Their Children Watch

Children love watching cartoons. Some of them are now addicted to it and now find it hard to stop or watch other educational movies or content that can impact positive feedback in their life. 

Parents need to limit their children from watching just cartoons, mostly from kids that are 11 years old. They have to start watching educational videos such as math, English, physics, things they might be good at picking interest in. Some cartoons don't have a positive impact on kids because it makes them act wired or do things that are not good. 

Here Are 4 Reasons Why Parents Should Limit Cartoon Watching For Your Children. 

1. Educational Videos Must Not Be Only Cartoons. Your children watching just birds, rats and other animals or objects like vehicles and other shapes is good, no doubt, but when a child is now clocking 11 years above he or she needs to start focusing on videos that feature people. 

Research shows children learn better when they see humans rhyming rather than just watching cartoons or animations. 

2. Negative Impact Of Cartoons

Some children like to do what they see on the screen, without knowing some things displayed on the TV screen are not real. 

Children are easily moved by things they see, mostly when they see their favorite cartoon character driving cars, fighting, bullying, jumping in pools, flying etc. 

They tend to try such things. Some kids might even think they can fly after watching some cartoons. That why children get hooked on cartoons, and at times they get addicted to it. 

When a character in a cartoon bullying friends or kicking them, your kids might like to try such an act on another kid because they want to fight and fly or do things, they saw in the cartoon. 

3. Health Hazards.

Mostly for children that stand too close to the TV when watching their favorite cartoons. Some of those children might start having issues like eyesight problems. 

Mostly when they are too addicted to watching cartoons on their TV set or smartphone and getting too close for a long period of time. 

4. Without Watching Much TV Or Cartoons, Your Kid's Personality Develops Better. 

It is better for kids above 11 years old to spend more time on playful activities like:



Jungle Number Line

Chutes and Ladders


Studies show that when a child spends more time on playful activities at home or indoors, it helps the child in behavioral and personality development compared to when a child spends more time watching animated cartoons. 

Thanks for reading. 

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