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Pregnancy period

5 Signs That Show a Pregnant Woman Is In Labour

An unborn child spends 40 weeks in it's mother's womb before being born although, some babies can be born as early as 37 weeks which is medically okay. Before giving birth, pregnant women undergo labour which can normally last between minutes to three days.

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But, some women experience labour signs that turns out to be what is refered to as, false labour. Some women can experience up to three false labours before their actual labour which can make them to ignore the true labour when it comes.

So, it is important for women and their partners to be educated on the signs of true labour so that they will be able to recognize it when it starts.

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Five Signs That Shows A Pregnant Woman Is In Labour

1. Her Water Breaks: during pregnancy a bag called, the amniotic sac forms around the baby, the amniotic sac is filled with amniotic fluid which helps to protect the baby. When the baby is ready to come out, the amniotic sac breaks and the amniotic fluids pours out from the woman's privates.

It is important to note that, although, water breaking is a sign of labour, some women can start experiencing labour even before their water breaks.

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2. Contractions: most women who have false labour are deceived by a type of labour called, Braxton Hicks contractions inwhich, the body practices for the real labour by contracting the womb.

Braxton Hicks contractions stops after sometime but, real labour contractions continues until the woman is fully dilated and starts pushing. Real labour contractions causes pain and cramps which intensifies and gets closer.

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3. Jelly Like Discharge: when a woman is pregnant her cervix is blocked by a plug of mucus. However, as her cervix softens and enlarges in preparation for birth, the plug of mucus loosens and drops out. The mucus is usually brown or pinkish in colour and has a jelly texture.

Although, this is a sign of labour, it can happen before labour, so when it happens bear in mind that labour can come at any time. The mucus can come out in one or, more pieces.

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4. Back Pain: during pregnancy, it is normal to have back pain due to the extra weight the pregnancy places in your back. Some women experience back pain during labor which moves from their back to the lower back.

The pain is usually more painful than their normal back pain and can move around from the back to the front of the body.


5. Dilation: this is perhaps the most important sign that indicates a woman is in labour. As labour progresses the cervix thins out and opens up to create a passage way for the child.

The cervix will have to dilate to 10 centimeters before the woman is asked to start pushing.

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