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3 Things To Do When Your Child Swallows A Foreign Object

Anyone can swallow a foreign object. However, children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years have a natural curiosity to put things in their mouth and are most likely to swallow foreign object.

It can be terrifying when you see your child swallow a foreign object or worried about what you should do when it happens. It can even be so worrying when you did not see your child swallow the foreign object.

Infants and toddlers often explore and learn about items by putting them in their mouth. A child's risk of swallowing something dangerous increases when they are left with little or no supervision.

The risk increases when these types of objects like small batteries,coins, beads, pins, buttons, small magnet, nails, rocks,toys etc are within their reach.

The symptoms of a swallowed foreign object are usually noticable. You will notice these following symptoms immediately if the object blocks your child's airways;

1) Choking

2) Wheezing

3) Coughing

4) Difficulty breathing

If your child easily swallowed a foreign object and it didn't get caught in their airways, there may not be any immediate symptoms. The object is already in their digestive tract and your child will pass it out naturally through faeces.

But, the following possible symptoms will show up later if the foreign object is stuck in the stomach bowel of your child or your child has trouble passing out the foreign object through faeces;

1) Chest or throat pain

2) Drooling

3) Gagging

4) Abdominal pain

5) Blood in their Vomit or faeces

6) Refusal to eat

7) Fever

When a foreign object is stuck in your child's body for a long time without treatment, it can cause an infection.

The following three things are what you need to do when your child swallows a foreign object.

1) If the foreign object your child swallowed is sharp or large, take them to the hospital immediately. These sharp or large objects can lodge in their esophagus and block their breathing. Don't try to force the object out, you could cause more damage. And don't force your child to Vomit.

2) When your child swallows a toxic substance like household cleaners, household chemicals or unknown substance, don't waste any time take your child to the hospital immediately, also take along with you the rest of the substance or container with you so that doctors will treat your child faster and effectively.

3) If your child swallowed a harmless object and is showing no symptoms, there is no need to seek medical attention unless you are worried about your child. Some of these harmless object can pass through the digestive system without any problem and then excreted through faeces.

You can prevent your child from swallowing foreign object by keeping small objects out of the reach of infants and toddlers.

Avoid putting small foreign object into your own mouth it can slip into your throat and block your airways. Remember, that anyone can accidentally swallow a foreign object.

It is very important to consult a doctor if you suspect your child has swallowed a foreign object even if you believe it can be passed out naturally through faeces.

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