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2 Tips For Effective Parenting

The task of a Parent is to nurture, raise and develop children to be godly and successful. Parenting is the capacity to nurture and raise children to become responsible adults, to improve on and perpetuate family stability. It is the critical solution to the problems of humanity. To fail as a parent is to have a question to answer before God. For effective parenting, you should take the following tips.

Never leave a child to lead himself. Everyone born into this world is direction-blank at birth, thereby necessitating programming right from birth. The principal responsibility of a parent is training. A parent is to mould a child instead of correcting an adult. Correcting an adult is like breaking an already formed concrete. It is therefore important to nurture a child in the way to follow. 

Lay spiritual foundation. Sow into them the seed of the word of God. Ensure that your children see you practice righteousness. Pray together, let them see you practice the virtue that you want to implant in them. Let them know the word and the God of the word. Transfer the God you have come to know, into your children. Let them see your rugged faith and confidence in God. Lead them to Christ, ensure they are baptized in the Holy Ghost. Let them know God early enough. They will improve on this. Cultivate family spiritual culture.

Love your Children deeply and encourage open communication. Do not shut them down but encourage them to express their views and let them know why you take whatever stand you take.

Our children are our future. Let us groom them well.

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