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Postpartum Hot Flashes: Causes And How To Manage

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Hot flashes often strike without warning and they frequently happen in the weeks after your baby's birth. You may feel heat on your face, shoulders, neck, and chest, causing you to sweat abundantly and it is mostly accompanied by redness in the affected areas. A small chill may accompany the overwhelming heat making you feel both hot and chilled.

Causes of postpartum hot flashes

During pregnancy, your body undergoes numerous changes, including the massive release of two hormones known as progesterone and estrogen. These hormone levels decrease as soon as your baby and placenta are delivered and they go even lower during breastfeeding. It can take some time for the hormones to go back to their normal level and this fluctuation is what causes hot flashes

How to manage postpartum hot flashes

Know that your postpartum hot flashes will subside as your hormone and fluid levels return to normal. However, dealing with the symptoms might be unpleasant. Here are some suggestions for relieving postpartum hot flashes

1 Drink water

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You may become dehydrated as a result of all that perspiration and the loss of vital fluids. It's important that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Drinking water is also essential if you are breastfeeding and it helps you stay cool.

2 Keep cool

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It's a good idea to use an air conditioner or a fan. You can also open a window to bring some fresh air in. You can also wear moisture-wicking clothing, such as cotton and other natural fibers.

3 Manage stress

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Hot flashes can be triggered by stress and worry. Simple relaxation techniques may be able to assist in managing it. You are advised to do simple yoga techniques before going to bed.

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